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Your Best Investment Ever

Coaching Concepts client Eric Brotman, of Brotman Financial Group, discusses his ongoing executive coaching relationship with Sharon Keys Seal for the past 12 Years, and the benefits he has derived from his coaching work with Sharon.

Your Best Investment Ever? To an investment advisor struggling to move forward, hiring a coach may be the best investment you've ever made
By Olivia Mellan
November 2011 Investment Advisor

Are you a darn good financial planner,
but feel bored or overwhelmed with the
day-to-day running of your business, while working with clients that donít really excite you?


You started out in this business excited at the prospect of helping clients achieve their dreams through sound financial management.  As a financial planner, you also have a respect and appreciation for money, so you are naturally attracted to this business by the prospect of making a good living while helping others.


Unfortunately, just running your business seems to take an inordinate amount of time and energy.  The pressures of finding and securing good clients, making your numbers, and keeping it all running (often while you wear all hats from rainmaker to coffee maker) detract from the real reasons you came to be in this profession in the first place.  They muffle the passion you once felt for this work, and keep you mired in the daily grind. 


And, you hate to admit itÖ.but you donít really care for (or about) many of the clients you serve.  You feel stuck and alone and maybe even a little scared.    


It is possible to create an efficient and effective way to do business with clients that you enjoy working with.  You can clear away the behaviors and beliefs that keep you stuck.  You can get back to the real reasons you went into this business in the first place.  And, increased revenues are a very real by-product of working on a business that aligns your passion and your professional skills.


Curious to see where you might make some course corrections in your journey back to a lucrative, efficient, and fulfilling financial planning practice that reflects the passion you have for your clientsí success?  How do you get started?  Well, first download my free article Getting Unstuck Is More Than Luck.  It describes the first of the three core reasons that financial planners get stuck on the path to success, and how to address them. 


Click here to get your copy of Getting Unstuck Is More Than Luck.


You may be wondering, can my approach really help you?  Click here to find out who really benefits from my approach.


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